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Aleksei Rutkovksii

Computer Engineer and Student at UMass Amherst
Hi, I am Aleksei — a Computer Engineering Student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

My Work Experience:
— Software Engineer Intern and DevOps Intern at during Summer 2021
— Currently: Data Science Intern at

I am actively looking for a Summer 2022 internship in one of these fields:
1) Software Engineering
2) Cloud Engineering
3) Data Science
4) Machine Learning
5) Security Engineering

— Knowledgeable in developing APIs in Python.
— Currently, learning Algorithms and Data Structures.
— Before graduation in May 2023, aiming to get work experience in Data Science/Engineering and Machine Learning.

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Carousel content:
1. Plugin for (July 2021)
2. Digital Thermometer in C (April 2021)

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